Bug report: Internal tables cluttering up "T...

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Bug report:

Internal tables cluttering up “Tables” tab after modifying the app through the in-app suggestions on a mobile device.

What I mean here is that after I’ve gone into the “Settings_Table” from the little wrench icon visible when viewing an app on a mobile device - now these internal tables are showing in the tables view.

This is not the first time I’ve noticed this.

Has anyone else seen this as well?

(Steven Coile) #2



I have seen the same and learned “never touch the wrench”! :slight_smile:

(Tony Fader) #4

@MultiTech_Visions Did this happen recently, or is it an older app? I put in a fix for this recently, but there may be a situation where it still happens. Can you give me steps to repro if it’s happening with a recent app?

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@tony it’s not my app, but looking at the version history… things start around 563 versions in… so it’s most likely this is an older app.



(Tony Fader) #6

@MultiTech_Visions Thanks. If it happens again, will you let me know? You should be able to delete those tables without harming the app.

(Michael Pinto) #7

@tony Just experienced the same thing! Can’t remember the steps though. All I know is that I have a mountain of deleting to do and unfortunately I can not bulk delete these tables, views etc. I have to delete one by one and each delete refreshes the page automatically…so I have to wait for it to reload before I move to the next one! Is there a option to disable the “wrench”?

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@Michael_Pinto the best advice I have for you is to go to the version history and revert back to the one just before you opened up that settings thing on the mobile device. This lets you essentially Turn Back Time on your app, though any changes you have might have made will be lost.

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(Tony Fader) #10

@Michael_Pinto Yes I’d recommend rolling back to an earlier version if possible.

(Michael Pinto) #11

@MultiTech_Visions completely forgot about that! Thanks for saving me from losing another 30-60 minutes of my life wasted! :smiley: