BUG? - Report runs App formulas

I have created a Report to run at 0100 each day to check every row in a table for duplicates. The report calls an action and that action is set to write DATE(Today()) in [Duplicate] for any records that have a duplicate. This bit works fine.

The issue is that in checking each row its re-running all the App formulas in that row. So I have [Date] with an App formula of Today(). This has been changed to 18/02/2021 in all duplicated rows.

Is this by design or a bug? Since it seemed intuative to me that simply writing a value in a column would not change any other columns.

The values of all columns–both physical and virtual–with App formula expressions are recomputed any time the physical row is updated.

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I should also mention that columns with Reset on Edit? enabled or with expressions that evaluate to TRUE will also be recomputed.

How can I keep data those types of columns the same?

The action I’m using is an "Set the values of some columns in this row.

Can I just add another set of values to simply make [Column A] = [Column A]?

Or do I have to modify the App Forumula for that column? For exmaple saying not to run if the creation date of the record is not today, since the duplcate check will always run the following day

Is is the Report running on the row or the Action that causes the App Formulas to update?

TIA @Steve

For columns with Reset on edit?, yes; or adjust the Reset on edit? condition.


The action that modifies the row. Any action that modifies a row–whether performed by a report, a workflow, or a button press–will have this effect.