BUG - report sending function not working

(Lucas Cuypers) #1

Hi all,

is anyone else getting problems with his workflow emails ?
I am receiving nothing
i created now a really simple workflow reacting on all changes of a table and just sending an email with subject and body “test email”…

again log is stating succesfull but no email is coming out…

please advice

(Steve Coile) #2

Please contact support@appsheet.com.

(Philip Garrett) #3

Steve is correct, but I can also check if you provide:

  1. Your account id
  2. The app name
  3. The workflow rule name
(Lucas Cuypers) #4



1.Account ID: send by email
2. MachineTransfer
3. Send report ( but all three workflow rules are not working) but this one is the most important one others are for testing

in app the action sent report will change the marker in the google sheet (toggle between 0 & 1)
because of this toggle the workflow is triggered.
the receivers are collected from two tables.

it has worked in the past.
only difference now is that i want to add the pictures (HD format) as a link under the smaller image in the report. in the beginning I had it as an attachment but that was getting to big because of the amount of pictures.

now i created an url with a virtual column.
but i didn’t add it yet in the google doc so that can not be the problem.
hope you can get it to work back.

(Philip Garrett) #5

Hi Lucas,

I have not seen your email. Did you send it to philga@appsheet.com?

(Lucas Cuypers) #6

just resent it

(Philip Garrett) #7

Hi Lucas,

As you probably know, many of your workflow rules are “Disabled”.

The ones that are enabled, are sending email messages to you, but almost all of them are being rejected by your system. Two emails were sent successfully on May 16, 2019 1:29 AM Pacific Daylight Time. All of the other emails we attempted to send you on May 15th and May 16th were rejected.

I have attached the Mandrill Mail delivery service log file in a private email.

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