Bug Report When you create an enumlist with ...

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Bug Report

When you create an enumlist with a Ref type, it’s not automatically detecting the table for the ref correctly;

this is a long standing problem that I’m very familiar with, which only pops up when you set the base type of an enumlist to ref.

In order to fix the problem you have to go into the basetypequalifier (which we can’t access anymore) and set things right.

Additionally, you’ll have to set the KeyField as the correct field - otherwise the advanced features you’ve built into the system won’t work right.

(It’s missing this meta data in that scenario.)

Note the broken-ref icon & the ID showing in the button (not the label of the ref) in the picture below.

App: CheezeFPV-855548 Version: 1.000142 Table: Videos Column: Video_Gear_Used

Can we get a dropdown to select the ref table when setting the enumlist to ref?

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@Adam_Stone_AppSheet Love the hack!!!

As you can see in the beginning of the BaseTypeQualifier - the table is set to videos, when it should be Gear (from the valid if).

Changing the ReferencedTableName and ReferencedKeyColumn in the base type qualifier fixes the issue.

Version: 1.000144

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@MultiTech_Visions I had the same problem. I went to the old Version of the Editor and changed the ReferencedTableName there :slight_smile: Praveen mentioned that in this Post:


you can force the old editor behavior by adding &oldEditor=true to the url query sring. Likewise, adding &newEditor=true forces the new behavior.

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Since google plus no longer exists, i’ve been finding inaccessible links while I’ve been searching for an answer to my problem. Adding &oldEditor=true to the url doesn’t seem to change anything.

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You can get to the ole editor by adding “&oldEditor=true”

Where “MyApp-12345” is the name of your App and your account ID.