Bug report: When you get an error for a Task it highlights the wrong menu on the Editor

Hello AppSheet Team,

Just a heads-up. When getting a configuration error on a TASK the Editor UI highlights the BEHAVIOR-WORKLFOW tab instead of the AUTOMATION tab where TASKS are currently located.


Attn @Dan_Bahir @prithpal @Arthur_Rallu

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Error message indicates [fecha Corte] column does not exist on your table where the Email task is set for.

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Yep, the error was valid. I was just pointing out that the Editor error UI red dot alert was highlighting the wrong place for me to go fix it.

It still thinks Tasks are under Workflows.


Thanks for bringing this up!
We will look into fixing this on the Editor.
@jared and @Lusha_Wang1 – FYI


i will take a look

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