Bug: Scrolling upward in a card view set to "list" jumps around erratically

Platforms: AppSheet app in iPhone 12 mini, PC preview as either page or in-app (Chrome)

Issue: In a card view set to “list,” scrolling down works perfectly, but scrolling up jumps around in a very erratic way. The iPhone case is the most noticeable. To be more specific, the velocity doesn’t change, but the current view position and scrollbar teleport up and down very erratically by a few lines’ worth of height as you scroll up. On PC it’s less noticeable, but it does appear to still be happening.

Recording of issue on PC: AppSheet: card view as "list" scroll up bug - YouTube . I’m just very slowly scrolling up one mouse wheel click a time, and you can see how it jumps around. While this appears relatively mild, note that I’m going very slowly, and the issue is a lot worse on iOS, and thus more frustrating, as you can imagine.

Hi @Philip_Guin

This looks like a bug to me, you may want to contact the Support Team here:

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Attn @Arthur_Rallu

Is that a necessary step to file a bug report? When you click “My Account → Report a Bug,” it just opens up a new post on this forum.

You don’t have that ?


I already logged the bug internally as I could reproduce it.