Bug- Search function unable to find specific supplier name

Hello people,

Please help me out.

We have list of suppliers in the table called Suppliers
I can search MOST supplier by their Name except few like start from ‘Counties
If I search by ‘co’, it appears in the list but if I keep typing ‘countie’ or ‘concrete’, search function unable to find. This is pretty frustrating that most of the supplier can be found with their name except this one. Please have a look the screenshot below.

What I have done so far to fix this.

  1. Removed any special character
  2. Removed any formatting etc

Note: I encounter this kind of issue called in SQL Stop Word. Maybe the similar issue but not sure.

How Appsheet handles the bugs. Are they maintaining Jira or Trello board for public? Is there anyway to see progress of these kind of bug fixes.

Any reply from Appsheet support or commnuity much appreciated.


Double check that your [Supplier Name] column is searchable.