Bug: Signature Initial Value

As mentioned here it is possible to use a background image for signature capture by using an initial value.
This was working once, but it’s not working anymore.
When you draw the signature it will delete the background image.

Do you have reset on edit on the signature field?


@Steve Should I contact the AppSheet Support?

Nope. There was some brief internal chatter about your post, so I thought you’d gotten a response. Sorry.

The developer guidance:

This clearing on unlock I think is particular to signature type. He could probably just use Drawing type instead.

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OK thank you.
But before in 2017 the signature would work with initial value.
So you where able to use an initial value and the signature would just be annotated on the initial image.
I’m okay when the signature would get deleted by unlocking.
But it should not delete the initial value.

This is a screenshot from one of my PDF Report from 2017. You see the initial value was just a line to draw the signature on it.