Bug: some views returning blank screens

About 20 minutes ago some views in my applications stopped working, and are simply is returning a blank screen. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but it does seem to be isolated to one of my applications currently.

It’s possibly related to the use of the LINKTOVIEW() function; but it’s also occurring on primary views so hard to say.

I’ve also emailed support.

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Same problem here!

As a simple test, I’ve tried accessing these ‘broken’ views by their explicit URLS, for example:

https://www.appsheet.com/start/[unique app string]#view=viewname

The broken views remain broken. Views that work are accessible in the above manner, however.

In one of the cases, toggling a REF columns show() to off fixed the display issue for the rest of the table. Its unclear to me why this is the case, and it’s not really an ideal fix for me - I want this column to be shown.

Appsheet’s Team, It’s so urgent! Are you working to fix this problem?

Remos I have emailed support, and to my knowledge they are working on it.

Remos, question: are you using SVG images in your application?

The bug seems to be related to REF columns that have SVG thumbnails / labels. If you have a view where image labels are shown, and the labels are SVGs, the entire view won’t load. Can I call this a bug since SVG’s aren’t technically supported? :frowning:

Does this correlate with your experience @11143?

Sounds like AppSheet found the issue and are working to resolve it.


The all broken links that I have are deck view and Gallery view that have SVG’s images in the Image column.
We are gonna lose the option to use SVG?? Impossible!!

Hey Remos. Sounds like they’re fixing it.

In the meantime, set all your label SVG columns to hidden. (Toggle show to off). This will get you running in the short term.


Thank you @Jonathon for providing a quick solution.
I had the same issue.

Please let me know when the SVG will be fixed. Users are very used to this display. thank

Same issue for some users, when they try to scroll down the entire screen goes blank. I hid a column that was using the SVG and it seems to be working now.

Hi everyone,

Just an update that we have been working on this issue. For the short term @Jonathon has a great alternate solution:


An update for you all: a fix has been deployed, the issue should now be resolved. Please let us know if you continue to encounter any issues.

Thank you all for your patience and creativity while we worked towards a solution.