Bug: "Test"ing an email-sending Bot incorrectly reports that the app is not deployed, and sends only to app owner

So I click this button:

It opens the new window, from which I select “Execute” on one record:

I never got the email :frowning:

So I go to the Audit Log, and find this:

“not deployed or in test mode”. What is “test mode”? Are you trying to tell me that when "test"ing a new Bot, only app owners can receive emails? If that is the case, that is going to be EXTREMELY inconvenient for people like me who are constantly editing apps owned by other people. I really hope this is just a bug.

Another note. The Automation Monitor app provides pretty much zero help in this case. I’d expect it to provide similar details, like where an email got sent, or even if an email got sent.

I had to make a copy of the old Workflow in order to test this new update for the client just now. 3 days until new Workflows are not allowed? Yikes…

It does seem that the new automation monitor is missing critical information for testing purposes. For most troubleshooting I now have to open up both the audit log and the automation monitor…


This is the current design for “Test” feature, and unfortunately it is not a bug. Thanks for the feedback and we will consider that.

cc @prithpal


To add to this, I think co-author permissions need to be looked at across the entire feature set. Message testing is problematic but also ability to add new tables can be a problem under the right conditions requiring the app creator to be contacted for remediation. I believe there are a few other areas that occasionally create issues for co-authors.

If security for the app creator is the concern here, then maybe some ability for the app creator to specify allowing these abilities to the co-author?


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