BUG *** TOTALHOURS() seems hard coded to 4 decimal places

I have a App formula of TOTALHOURS([Time])*50.00 = £16.67 where [Time]=00:20:00

Yet if I create 2 virtual columns:
[VC Time] a decimal to 2 places with a formula of TOTALHOURS([Time]) the result is 0.33
[VC Total] a price to 2 decimal paces with a formula of [VC Time]*50 the result is £16.50

£16.67/50 = 0.3334 vs the 0.33 used in the virtual columns

I can’t make sense of your problem description. :frowning:

I wouldn’t call that a bug.

I also wouldn’t assume it is 4 decimal places. I’d assume the raw return value from TOTALHOURS would be the repeating 0.33333333. If you need it to stop at 2 decimal places for your calculation, then you’ll need to force it to, with something like:

ROUND( val * 100 ) / 100.0

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