Bug: Upgrading an app causes grouped actions to become ungrouped

When using the App Upgrade feature to upgrade an app, grouped actions consistently lose all of their child actions. This doesn’t happen to every grouped action, but it does happen to several of my grouped actions every time I upgrade an app.

The real issue here is that this doesn’t throw an error in the editor and has no immediate symptoms until users report that something is no longer working. I would greatly appreciate someone looking into this. I rely on the App Upgrade feature to update apps with as minimal disruption as possible. This bug sort of negates that when unexpected changes occur to the app as a result…

This bug has been present in my app Timekeeping-1049060 every time I’ve upgraded it and does not seem to have a particular pattern as to which grouped actions it disrupts, it removes child actions from some, but not others.

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Anyone else experiencing this?

Not sure why upgrade feature is involved here.

Following up on this, today I found another grouped action that no longer had actions attached. Cause unknown. If anyone else ever experiences this, would love to know about it.