Bug? View's "Column Order" overrides Show_If

Given the settings show in the following 2 screens, the [method_of_payment] column still appears in the view which the “Column Order” is applied to. Not sure if this is intended or not. The “Column Order” setting was added before the column’s Show was turned off.

I got this explanation:

Maybe it is not a bug but only a design approach.

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That option is turned on already.

That’s a bug, then. Please contact support@appsheet.com.

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Oh, goody!

@Steve @Marc_Dillon @Heru

This is what I was commenting on in that other post…

Scenario: Explicitly add a column to a View using the column selection list within the view. THEN set the Show_If property of that column to “off”.

Result: View continues showing the explicitly added column.

Contradiction: Even though the column list in the view is meant to specify column “order”, a developer explicitly has set it which implies it was meant to be shown. Setting the Show_If to “off” then contradicts that activity.

Question: Should View continue showing column or remove it even though developer explicitly added the column to the View’s list?

Currently, the design continues showing the column. Maybe this was a pre-cursor to having the CONTEXT() functions?

If it is truly not to be shown in the view, it is as simple as removing the column from the column order list.

Whether the view shows the column or not seems to me to be a design decision that could be interpreted either way. At the very least, this contradiction should be captured in a warning message to notify the developer so he/she can make necessary changes.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me which way the design should handle it.


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