BUG - When creating an ENUM basetype REF, the...

(Grant Stead) #1

BUG - When creating an ENUM basetype REF, then when you group a table, the table doesn’t show the appropriate labels… When looking at the detail view it also just shows the key. It appears to show fine in the form view.

Side note: if I try to use an actual REF field then the system automatically creates the REFROWS, and I just spent time removing all of those, to save on time. trimmed about a second off my sync time just by removing 6 six of them.

@Adam_Stone_AppSheet Please help get this ENUM/ENUMLIST basetype REF thing figured out for me. Really trying to take advantage of the label reference system. (I’m wanting to pragmatically use the keys so that the user can change the labels…) Any ideas on how I can get around this?


@Grant_Stead Can you email adam@appsheet.com with the name of an app I can check to reproduce the behavior and steps to take within the app (which views are affected, navigation steps if applicable)?