Building a Finance and Broadband comparison app

Hi. How possible it is to build an app that compares loan and Investment rates by different institutions filters and sorts with or without API connections to the institutions. An example is

Also is it possible to build an app displays broadband coverage in a location and also compares different broadband plans, filters and sorts? An example is


Hi Kenny,

AppSheet would work very well for building an app to compare data (e.g. investment rates from different companies or coverage from different broadband plans). There are several view types that would allow you to display the comparison and several charting options as well.

The challenging part of this project might be getting the data to a location where AppSheet can connect to it. The data needs to be in a tabular format. That usually means a spreadsheet or a SQL database.

Three tools that might be helpful to know about:

  • AppSheet enables you to setup webhooks, which can send post requests to external APIs.
  • AppSheet also has its own REST API, which allows you to receive data from an external API’s post and write directly to your data source.
  • AppSheet can work with third-party services, such as Zapier. This would allow you to send a post request, receive a response, extract variables, and write to your data source.

There is a free Udemy course that is a great starting point for familiarizing with the platform and understanding how the components work together to create a custom app for your use-case.

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Hello Derek,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Glad to hear AppSheet has the functionality but how exactly do I use AppSheet to build the ideas. The video link doesnt show me how. Is there another that will show me how it works?

There are several resources available to help you get started in the platform:

  • The Udemy course (from earlier post) is a great starting point
  • The YouTube video library
  • The product documentation in the help articles
  • The collection of free sample apps
  • And of course right here on the community

You won’t find a single resource with the steps for your specific idea. The resources above will help you learn the fundamentals of the platform, which can then be applied to your specific use case.

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That’s ok.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate.

You’re welcome!