Building a Workflow App for my Business

Hello, fairly new to AppSheet but have been getting on well with the basics, I will try and keep everything clear and to the point, as I do tend to waffle on when talking about my app ideas to people…

My business is a fire safety business and primarily we attend customer sites, service their assets and then bill them and then repeat on an annual basis.

I am looking to create an app that handles this from start to finish, I have played with some sample apps and created my own, and as I mentioned the basic I am ok with, I was able to create tables for customers, assets, jobs and have them be related also have reference tables for things like job type and job status which can be edited and have format actions linked, such as turning text green when status is marked as complete etc…

Its the next step I am having trouble knowing how to approach it, pricing the work we do on site, the way we do this is allocating a “service” to each “asset” on the customer site and adding a site visit charge based on the type of job, so a basic example would be…

10x Assets, all due a Basic Service at a cost of £5 per unit, plus 1x Site Visit Fee at £30 giving a total cost for the job of £80.00.

I know I could set up a form where by I could enter the line item (linked to a table) and then enter the quantity, and for this particular example it would work fine, we actually are using a system at present that works this way but where it proves difficult is on large sites, I have customers with over 400x assets, all due different types of service at different costs.

So what I really need to be able to do is show the user a list of assets and have them select the “service” at the point of looking at the asset in the app and once that particular asset has had a service assigned to it, it turns green in the list to indicate it has been done.

I have been able to replicate this by using a NOT BLANK expression, so when that field has got an entry it turns the asset green but i am not sure how to structure the price side of things, have that action add £5 to the total of the job and also add a line item description to be used in a PDF report at the end of the job.

In the past I have created a Google Sheet with 3x worksheets that replicates the whole process however they aren’t really appsheet friendly…

Sheet 1 is what we call a record card, it lists the details of the assets and the last column we can select the service carried out.

Sheet 2 is what we call the service report summary which counts the different unique services entered in the record card and puts their totals into the correct boxes.

Sheet 3 is the invoice calculation sheet, it takes the counted totals in the boxes and multiplies them by the set out price list which then creates total costs and send it back to the summary report (sheet 2)

*I had originally included screen shots of each sheet but new users can only include 1 image in a post so I had to get creative and take 1 screen shot with all the screen shots open, hope that makes sense

I have many questions about features I want to get into this app, recurring jobs, workflows for booking jobs (date proposal emails to customers, buttons to change status to confirmed etc), barcode scanning assets to carry out services, creating pdf reports to email customers, creating a PDF Service Certificate to send customers, sending price information to Xero (maybe via Zapier).

But I think I need to tackle this one first, the way we service assets and how the actions of the user builds the structure for the price of the job.

Apologies for the long post, hopefully someone reads this and feel inspired to help haha!!!

I look forward to hearing from anyone on this.

and please send me any questions