Building an email table - how to have multiple emails per key

I have built a table to help with my locations (the emails to send to per location).

I then created several reports to run to check on an action and then email to the appropriate email per location.

I can do this when i have only one email per row (location)

However i have several people that need to receive the email per location. How do i do this?

I solved it - i made multiple email columns:

Email 2
Email 3

Im not sure but a more efficient dynamic approach would be to have a separate table with people, emails and location. You would than reference it. That way you wont have to add columns in the feature.

This way you could evan make menu view in your app to add or remove emails based on the location.

Good idea- let me try that…

You could make the Email column of type EnumList.

Thx. I am actually needing this app to send emails (report) every 15 min (checks if new value), so i dont think i want enum.