Building own URL Link to a Record in Email/SMS

Hi! With some help, I have figured out how to insert a <<web_url_link>> into my sms and email body templates. The problem I am having now, is that the link it provides goes to a default view that I have no control over. It shows all columns not hidden and does not display the “Main Image”. How can I build my own URL Link that will take the user to the proper record in the correct view?

FYI, my app is a to do list for my team, and I have a workflow setup to text when they are mentioned in a comment, but I want them to click the link to see the record they were mentioned in. Thank you.

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@MultiTech_Visions Hi Matt! This request is similar to what I need to do with my Club Meetings App. It sounds like he might need to be using <<_ROW_WEB_LINK>> instead of <<_web_url_link>>.
I have been trying <<_ROW_WEB_LINK>> in my WF Message Content Body, but after reading the Help Doc more carefully, it sounds like <<_ROW_WEB_LINK>> will not work in the Body, but will work if you use it in a Body Template. Do you have any clarification on this set up? It looks like building this Body Template is a bit tricky, seems that you must make what you want to put in that Template into .txt first to remove any HTML, and then paste that into your Doc Template, I’m still working through this, but wanted clarification before I go down another rabbit hole.
Similar to the Original Post above, I want my Members to receive a Link that takes them to a meeting/Row to confirm their attendance for a scheduled meeting. I would actually like to take them to an individual View of that Row, where only their Role is shown for their Confirmation, like the photo of a Detail View below.
I have the SMS & Email workflows set up and working, and had <<_ROW_WEB_LINK>> in my Body.
The link that appears in the SMS received will take me to the App, but it will only be a blank screen with just the normal Views down in the Navigation Bar. Is this because I am trying to use <<_ROW_WEB_LINK>> in the Body, instead of using a Body Template?
I almost have this figured out! Thanks again for your help!

Hey Stephen and @jandrostory81.

I spent some time yesterday trying to figure out a way to link directly into a row and haven’t managed to get it to work. When the link works, it just opens to an empty screen - not showing the row I’ve indicated.

For instance, I’ve created a deep link that should launch you into a record
Yet I’m betting if you tap that it takes you to an empty screen.

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Yea, same for me, that sucks! I’ve been able to get link back into a View in the app, but not exactly to the detailed individual Meeting/Member/Role View that I need. We WILL figure this out! Thanks SO MUCH for looking into this, will be very useful when sorted! I will keep you in the loop as soon as I figure anything out, plz do same.
A big issue I’m having is that when I do get Linked back into the App, even with a Sliced View, Users are able to then click on Navigation Bar Views and get back into the entire App. This wouldn’t really be a problem if everyone was supposed to have App installed, but the way I’m just trying to gather Contact & Confirm data, it is.

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On a side note, Nice profile icon! :wink:

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@Aleksi could you provide some tips on how to do something like this???

I was thinking you should be able to use LINKTOFORM() just as easily as any deep link formula - but I must be missing something, it never quite works all the way.


Thanks Bro! Updating from personal info to my mycromanage business. Still not set up Partner stuff, will get to it, later. Haha
Kind of hard to see all the details of that logo as my Profile pic, but it’s a cool Planetary Gear (I’m a space NUT, GO SPACEX!!) I made in SketchUp. I actually built my entire business card in SU & sent file to printer. I sent to Vista Print to save $, but the resolution I got back was crap, hard to read text. Redoing extruded text a bit thicker and sending to my normal expensive printer. I love playing with detailed Scale images, same Gear is the big part of my card and, and if you could zoom way way in, you’d see super-tiny gears as the axles, zoom even further, and more are hidden little Easter Eggs, just for shits n giggles, HA!

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@MultiTech_Visions It could be something like this in your workflow’s body…

<a href=
'>Create a new report with prefilled values< /a>

Remove the ’ before >Create… away so it will work correctly.


Nice!!! This totally worked!!! :nerd_face:

Here’s the formula:

linktorow([StepID], "Steps_Detail")

Surprisingly simple to create, here’s a breakdown line by line:

  1. The opening portion of the formula
  2. The ID of the app
  3. The magic from Aleksi
  4. Your deep link formula.

You’re welcome


Sweet!! Setting this up now! Thanks again Wizards!! @Aleksi @MultiTech_Visions
I hate to muddy up this fabulous Solution thread (more than I have already) but, if Users all had the App, would it be easier, better, more streamlined to do what we are trying to do here using Workflow SMS (& email) by instead using Push Notifications from Admin to Users from within the App? I’ll be studying Notifications next. TYTYTY!!!

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@Aleksi I can’t wait until Elon gets his Neuralink operational! It would save you a BUNCH of time to just transfer knowledge right into my brain! TYTYTY!!
FASCINATING Neuralink Presentation Video:

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If you used the in-app notification system then you wouldn’t have to setup any email templates or SMS stuff; but only people that have installed the app will receive the notifications.

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@Aleksi I"m curious what these do?

Refresh is clear, but what does wipe do?


Matt, below is my Message Content Body for my workflow SMS. The Link does not appear in the SMS as a Link. What did I do wrong?
Not sure if this is a problem, but since some Clubs will have multiple meetings on the same date, I am using a Computed Key of the [Meeting Date] & [MeetingID] columns. I don’t get any error about that, just giving you full information.
I also tried wrapping the formula with " " quotes and that made no difference
"Confirm Roles" is a View of Meetings Table. Since I am trying to do all of this with one Table using Quick Edits, I need to send them to Confirm Roles View, instead of just the Meetings Table.

New SCTM Meeting
Date <>
Email <>
Phone <>
Use this Link to Confirm Role
linktorow([_ComputedKey], “Confirm Roles”)

I looked back at Alexis Solution formula and saw that I needed a little more in my Body for that formula, but this still doesn’t arrive as a proper formula… Thanks!
<a href=
<< concatenate(“”,
linktorow([_ComputedKey], “Meetings”)

Create a new report with prefilled values< /a>

Sorry to keep missing stuff on this, I have a knowledge gap on formula set up. I don’t understand what Aleksi means about "Remove ’ before >Create so it will work correctly. I pasted my entire formula, including the <a href=<< beginning and the >>
'>Create a new report with prefilled values< /a> making sure to remove the ’ and it still doen’t appear as a link.
Would you please show me the entire thing that you put in your Body to get the formula to work? I don’t quite understand exactly what I am missing to make all of this into a link. TYTY!

When reviewing this, @Aleksi shouldn’t the URL result of the CONCATENATE() be contained in double quotes?

<a href="">Link</a>

with the double quotes right?

OK, now even more confused, haha, f-me

Good Progress! I entered formula you just sent into my SMS Body and it delivered a Link, but just took me to my Meetings Table, but not into the Row of that meeting.

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