Bulk action multi section rows

Hi, I have an item list view(deck view). Each item can have its location changed. To do this, select the action with the appropriate item, which will take you to the form using the “link to row” action and then select a new location from the drop down list. Is there any way to select multiple items and collectively assign them a new location? I can see this action for every item (record), but I don’t see an action that allows me to select multiple items. I think this is because the action moves the user to the form to a specific row and then assigns him a new location.

There’s no built-in way to do this, but you can devise your own. It’s not simple, but it’s doable.

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Hold the user specific variable, using user table, and pass that value to change the colum value in bulk through the action (not AUTOMATION!)


I don’t know if I understood you correctly, but that would mean I have to have an action for each location?

Just place a table store the informatoin and date for each log in users.

Then for the action, get the value through the expression, like

any(select(UserTable[Column], [Email]=Useremail()))

to get this user specifc value for whatever you want.


Sorry, I still don’t understand: /. I have a user table from which I manage the visibility of views and actions, sort of like permission management. I also have a separate table for storing items and a separate table for storing locations. Each item has one location assigned to it. And I still don’t know how I can choose one of the 200 existing locations and assign it to e.g. selected 3 items.Thanks for your time

I m not exactly sure what your requirement is going to be, so this may not help.

Just implement a mechanism to hold value of “new location” before the app user fire actions. This value is saved to user table as use specific variable.

On the list type view (like deck view or table), let user to select multiple item by bulk action.
Once the action is fired against multiple recoard, then get the value for new locatoin from user table using the expression sample i shared with you earlier.
Good luck


Brilliant, thank you so much!


No problem.
We are currently not able to change the value of “Usersettings” through the action.
If we could do that , this type of new feature would make our life far more easier rather than setting up complex mechanisum to struggle with own user table.



Hi Koichi-san, we should soon have the ability to change usersettings thru an action. We have this working internally.
*) First, the ability to have actions that take input values/parameter values — this is the number one ask in the feature requests section of the community. We hope to be able to roll this out starting next week.
*) Second, use this to have actions that update usersettings values — this is a very small change after we have actions with input values


Hi @praveen

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Thank you for sharing wonderful news which is really good to know.

Can I ask questions for this?

Is it not a direct link to usersettings I believe, is it correct? Just store user specific variable in the local and can be reached out through the expressions? I reckon the opration to update the value/params will not require full sync of the app. Or will do to refresh entire logic of the app?

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Hi Koichi-san, the feature being built will allow you to update the user settings values without havign to open the user settings view. And this will automatically re-sync the data in the background. So it has the same effect as manually changing user settings, but it happens without having to use the Settings UI


And thanks for thinking of us — it was literally “sleepless in Seattle” for a couple of days. All normal now.


Thanks for the clarification.
Looking foward to test this new feature.
Hope it would work to hold a local (log in user specific) variable and then we are quickly access to the value without waiting for a full sync to consume for bits and pieces.