Bulk action with user defined value change


In have a sales, customer, order entry system. It has call list with a column in the customers table for “Next Call Date” soa slice can be created that gives a call list according to date.

We move some calls in bulk to other dates. At the moment I have an action button that takes the user to a table and form view where the user inputs the new call date. There is another action button to apply the new date to the current customer or in bulk to multiple rows.

The problem is that it takes two buttons to do this and it isn’t obviuous to the user that they have to use two. If they forget to change the date to what they currently want then they can easily move customer call dates to the wrong place and it is very hard to find them and reverse that.

Bulk actions won’t allow an action with “execute multiple actions” if one of them is “go to another view in the app” - the form view to select the date.

I can mark up a seperate column in the customers table with their USEREMAIL() for example to denote that it has been selected for a date change (and have it deleted afterwards) but I still can’t navigate to the select date view afterwards. I still need two buttons and if the user abandons the task half way through then some customers will be marked up for a date change which will be applied next time unintentionally.

This is very frustrating as it is the only part that stops by app from being usable without a lot of explanation and we have also moved customers to the wrong dates quite a few times as there is no prompt to the new user defined date.

The quick edit function works but not if you are moving 100 customer call dates. We also have 38,000 customers which we assign route codes and outlet ratings to by country with LOTS of entries each time - although this isn’t a funtion used daily.



Just a few questions to scrutinize your case more deeply.

First you have “customer” table and your app “user” as well. Are they identical? your apps need to sign in, and once they log in, they only view the data specifically linked to their USEREMAIL()? For instance, when I log in, I only can see my data, your CUSTOMER table as parent and other as child?
In otherwords, your customer table should contain details, most importantly storing the email address which is used for the app user to log in?

Secondly, you mentioned “At the moment I have an action button that takes the user to a table and form view where the user inputs the new call date.” Which table you are guiding use to update the date? Where this date column there?

Lastly, you have call list in your customer table, which slice other table. Which table you do you exactly slice? Where the set of rows, or list of call data is coming from?

In generally you are looking for a editable action button where you could set the new date on the fly. This is in our ToDo list, but unfortunately it’s not ready yet and we don’t have any exact timline for that.

Hi Aleksi,

Yes that is absolutely correct - it will be a brilliant feature. I know you have said that there isn’t a timeline for it but is it likely to be more than a year for instance?

Many thanks


If I remember this correctly… the functionality is created and it’s in testing phase.

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Great thank you


You’re welcome

Is this feature about done with the testing yet? Any time line on roll out?

I’m afraid we don’t have it yet.

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