Bulk actions: how to edit multiple rows


I have a deck view and I want to select multiple rows and then edit them, is that possible?
I tried creating an action which opens a form to edit a row but then when I select multiple rows this action is not available.

Thanks in advance

Hello @tedd , welcome to the community !

There are actions that are bulk-compatible and actions that are not, the action that opens a form to edit a row is not compatible because you can only open one form at a time.

If you want to make a very specific change to a group of rows, like changing a column to a predefined value, you can achieve that using an action that can “change the values of some columns from this row”.

If the change is less generic, i suggest looking into quick edit.

Here’s some links for reference:


Hi Rafael,

Ok, I will look into quick edit, thank you for the suggestion!

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