Bulk assign items to a project

I suspect I have forgotten something fairly simple but I will ask my question anyway and hope the great and talented here can put me straight.

I have a list of Items and one column of an Item is a Ref to a Project

What I would like to do is to bulk select a number of items and update them all to be assigned to the same, user selected, project. It is the ability to select the Project from the available list that causes me a problem.

I was attempting to use a helper table and form to select the Project but an action is not available for bulk usage if it opens a form. Is there a better way?

There are many ways to do this. The two I can think of would be:

1 = Create a slice of items where [Project Ref] is blank. Display this as a Ref View. Then either add an inline button to add then to this project. Or enable quickedit so you can open the table fully and tick off the ones to add

2 = In the project create a ENUMLIST of all the items. So you can tick off associated items. Then create a Bot that looks for updates on Project items and then copies the ProjectID to the ticked items.



Thank you for your responses Simon. If I understand correctly then both appear to suggest I need to start from the context of a project so I need to think that through as the user is managing available items and not projects. Currently their only engagement with a project is the knowledge that a number of items (each uniquely identifiable) should be associated with a project. In human language, there is a request to ship 8 routers to customer ABC, tracking the serial numbers. Later in the lifecycle, someone else will want to know which routers are in use on which project.

I will revisit the workflow further to see if there is a way I can set a project “viable” before I select the items which is basically what you are suggesting.