Bulk Edit Records from Form View

Feature Request/ Idea

Would be nice to be able to select records (such as when you select multiple records and apply an action) and have the option to use the form for those “bulk updates”. This would accomplish a few things.

  1. Allow for a more flexible method to apply updates across multiple records at one time without having to create a static action button. Simply select the records and use the form to apply changes. In this way, the app developer (and app customer) do not need to anticipate all possible action options in the development stage. The form instead offers (essentially) limitless possibilities.
  2. Using a form for records updates allows for signatures to be added to a record/ row in “bulk” which is not currently a possibility. Signatures can only be added to a record one at a time by reopening and editing the record.

Just floating the idea.

Thank you for posting the idea Scott.
I am curious how many more people are interested by this type of bulk update capability and for what specific scenarios? Others should feel free to respond and add their scenario of how they would use such capability if we were to make it available someday…

So to be more specific, the primary use case scenario for me is to be able to capture a single signature that is applied across many records. For instance. I collect boxes at individual locations (current appsheet abilities work perfect for this) but then transfer custody of those boxes in a single batch to another vendor.

Thanks for considering.