Bulk select asset and capture order

Hi All,

I would like to create an app to book equipment from an asset list. I’ve managed to play around with the Order Capture sample app and understood how it works. The order capture app allows achieving a similar goal by inputting customer detail and followed by manually adding the products in the order details table.

However, I would like to change the way how the user makes the order. i.e to bulk select the equipment and then enter the details :

  1. Capture user info when they login
  2. Go to the product( Assets) view and bulk select the available assets.
  3. Once the product(Assets) selected, the user will need to enter check out and check-in date. and submit it
  4. using workflow and action, the order will be sent to me for processing and once the item is ready, I will flag the order to “ready for collection”. An email will be sent to the user when I flag the order.
  5. Once the assets collected, It will not be available for subsequent users until it is returned and updated as available.
  6. The user will be reminded via email once the check-in due date is nearer.

I’m currently stuck at Step 2 an 3. Could someone guide me, please? Thanks a lot

Hi @ONE_TV_Systems Have a look at this sample App, Asset reservation2. You may find it useful.