Bullets do NOT work in a Google DOC template

Looks like nothing much works when creating a PDF from a Google DOC template?

Bullets don’t work as well as many other things?

Is this on the Road Map to fix?

Maybe you’re doing something wrong?

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Just applied the standard style of bullet in the Google Doc…

I will test with another doc.


Bullets and numbered lists do not show up in the PDF

Has anyone got an example Gogle Doc where it does work?

I don’t know if the logic on a bulleted list (using the native bullet/number options in Docs/Word) translates to HTML in a way that AppSheet can understand for a template. Should work fine if you manually put in a bullet in the template. But, in general, if its some kind of automatic function of Docs/Word, I just assume it doesn’t work via template. Just like we can’t do headers/footers, page numbering, etc. Those get handled in those programs and AppSheet doesn’t run the templates inside of them.

Bullets are a simple HTML element. I cannot understand why they are not translated when saving as PDF within a Workflow. Seems a BIG ommsion.

For most business apps, reports are at least 50% of the end user solution. Whilst everything else is great in AppSheet, without proper reporting it’s failing to deliver what is essential for business apps.

I have potentially 1,000 users for a fully functional app, but without proper reports, I just cannot deliver it to my users!

Like I said, don’t use the features built into Docs/Word. If you want a bullet point, you should be adding it yourself into the template and not using the button. I know bullets are simple in HTML, I just don’t know the methodology that Google/Microsoft use for those bullets since they are special. They aren’t just a character with a space afterwards.

If you want to put a bullet in your template, use the insert character function to manually insert a bullet. Then there is no special processing from Google/Microsoft.

We know that there are several limitations to Docs/Word features that you cannot use, this could be a bug, or it could be another unsupported thing. Judging by Steve’s response, I’m guessing he hasn’t used bullets in a report? But, I’m speculating. I haven’t either, because I find most bulleted and numbered lists to be unpleasing to look at - and there is almost always a better way to summarize your points. But, now I’m rambling.

So main point: don’t use special features and shortcuts on Docs/Word. If you didn’t type it, or copy/paste it, assume it won’t work and that you’ll have to do it manually in some way.

EDIT: Lastly, if AppSheet’s built in reporting isn’t advanced enough for you, that isn’t an AppSheet problem. You have access to webhooks and services like Zapier. Which can connect to other service that have full blown page layout engines. Which can then format your report how you like and send it back to AppSheet/Users.

A bulleted list is functionally equivalent to a 2-column table. Table do convert. The answer to all Appsheet templating problems, is always tables.

Once more for emphasis. The answer to all Appsheet templating problems, is always tables.


Yes, looks like that will have to be the solution.

Bbut alas even inserted special choracters and symbols do not work (so back to old fashined images for bullets form the 1990s!)