Button redirection to data source

Is there a way for specific users to be redirected to the connected GSheets in order for them to input data? My idea here is that the user can click on a button on the app that will redirect them to the data source in GSheets where they can input their own data to be reported.

Not a good idea to let your app user to edit google sheet which is a source of your app, as user may wrongly edit the spreadsheet, then your app will easily break up.
We always restrict users not to be able to access to raw data of our app.

In the meantime, if you really want to do, just share your spreadsheet with other users through sheet settings (share).
Then get the URL for that sheet (sharable URL).

On Appsheet side, create action for Exteral : Go to website, and set URL to googlesheet sharable one.

Again, this is not recommended.


Got it. Thank you so much. Will keep this in mind.

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I agree with @tsuji_koichi: what you seem to intend is a very bad idea and will cause problems with the app and confusion for the users.

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Thank you for your response. Will try to use the Import CSV action instead. Thanks.

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Thats a good choice.

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