Button shaped image placeholder with dynamic controls

It looks nice took to throw additional flavour to App ui to get some row to stand out.


Looks great. Did you download the image or it s rendered live with CSS?

I would love to have this button look for the action “Done” below on this card view.

Many users didn’t know it was a button at first with the current look.

Is this possible to do with Da Button Factory - Free CTA Button Generator ?

No, because this Action is text based.
The only place you can add one more image is in the header.
You than could change the “On Click” to your Action “Done”.
So if the user clicks on the image, it will fire the Action “Done”. Of course it will fire also if he clicks on any other part. I know this is not a perfect solution.


But maybe a simple check icon at the bottom right would be enough for the user to understand?

Thanks @Fabian , I initially had just the check and they didn’t know either.

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Is it possible to have this nice button in detail view? I was able to display it (using Show field) but not add an action over it. The action with inline property of this field didn’t work.

Hi @teambelair please refer to this post:


Thanks. Went through the post but it doesn’t look like I can use Da Button Factory - Free CTA Button Generator in Detail view and trigger an action when clicking on it. Did I miss something?


True, Show columns cannot be used to trigger actions.