Buttons in Email Body


I sent a mail from the application to an approver to review the request. In the same mail body, I want to have two buttons “Approve” and “Refuse” which the approver can click and appropriate actions can be recorded against the record. By providing buttons in the mail, user will not require to login in the App and he can take actions from the mail itself.

Please help how to do this?



This is exactly what @Rich shared with us today, with a sample app.


Thanks Takuya_Mi Forms are disabled in Gmailyai

I had to tweak the App little to test. It is working. Based on it following points, if you can help me with.

Chrome Browser:

  1. How to capture email ID of the person clicking Approve or Reject button in the email body?
    2 .Upon clicking on the button it ask for a permission that you are visiting outside. After clicking “OK” it opens another Tab in the browser and completes the task. But it leaves the tab open with the response received. How can the action to happen silently in the background?

Android Phone:

  1. Also, while working in Gmail App on Android, it gives an error message that “JavaScript Forms are disabled in Gmail”. How to solve it?



I’m glad the sample worked.
I think we need to take some actions like you pointed out to get the sample running in production, but I don’t have any ideas right now. Sorry about that.

If you can’t seem to solve the problem, I suggest you ask Rich in the thread above?

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