BY ACTION ONLY - Update rows in other table using the value in this table and row

There are few posts and threads, questioning how to “Update rows in other table using the value in this table and row”. recently I read.

As far as I know and if I did not miss useful tips and thread in the community, my understanding is only Appsheet API is assisting this particular jobs.

On my exiting and running App, I m juggling two different ways, one is use of API and other is Action only, to update the other rows using the currently working table/row value. So please let me introduce the one which will not require API set up, but just do a job with Action only.

The trick is a bit complicated, difficult to explain. Therefore, I prepared sample app for those who are looking for a solution.

This involves various action (but dont worry, just 4 actions only) as well as workflow and slice. For those who just started with Appsheet may find difficult to understand, but I would suggest that you copy this sample app and dig the details to learn how the actions are prepared.

I also placed a brief explanation about the process to generate this sample app, that I hope is going to be found useful while we wait for new feature to manage this job.

In the meantime, I hope Appsheet dev team will make this far easier to do the same jobs with easy set up through the native and single action with their new feature.


That’s very nice, thank you @tsuji_koichi
I think you can reduce the expression in Action “UpdateChild” to:


The part “useremail()=[Email]” is not necessary, because the Table AppUser has this already in the Security Filter.


Hi Fabian,

Thank you for your comment, yes, that is valid point. I just updated sample app accordingly.

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Thank you @tsuji_koichi

Do you think it would work in opposite way:

  • when a ChildTable (jobs) is updated with a new row where is the latest status (OK/ NOK) it will copy this status to a ParentTable (machines list)


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I reckon the update in the opposite way from child to parent should be feasible.

Please check the sample app “EventAction” how it’s done from


Hi @tsuji_koichi I can’t look under the hood anymore in this App. Do you know why?

Bit of “commercial” resons behind as Partner to Appsheet with us.