Caching Data for Offline Use I have one tabl...

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Caching Data for Offline Use

I have one table that consists of: Image Name Image URL

Images for the URLs contained in this table are stored in google drive as FolderName/ImageName.png. There are approximately one hundred ten >10kb files stored here that are used as Enum list options.

I have one view for this table; set up as a gallery view. With the appropriate options enabled in AppSheet, this view loads as expected for OFFLINE viewing.

In a separate table, I have created an Enum list that utilizes this table to create a drop down list of images to chose from. When offline, these images DO NOT LOAD. Currently the emum list uses a Valid_if constraint pointing to the image URL. The image URLs are written as FolderName/Image.png and point to a google drive location where the spreadsheet is also stored.

Since both the gallery view and the enum list utilize the image URL to display the image, I do not understand why the images load in the gallery but not the emum.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can ensure loading of these images as enum options when offline?

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@Aleksi_Alkio @praveen Can either of you guys help me out with this?