Calculate a total for a series of ENUM or ENUM LIST Selections

Hi team,

I’m trying to create a metric that allows people to measure how their doing as a daily checkin.
First design challenge I have three value pairs that the user has to choose from.
Is there a way to create one ENUM list with the six options (broken into 3 sets) and then constrain it so they can only choose 1 option for set 1, 1 option for set 2, 1 option for set 3? If not I’ll create these as three separate columns (which is how I have it set up right now)

Design challenge 2: Each of the values has a label and a value. I have the labels and values in ref tables right now. I need to be able to SUM the values that the user selects from each of the sets and multiply it by a duration value in another column and then show the result as a rating.

Any ideas? I’ve tried following some of the other community requests but can’t quite put it together for my case.

Not that I know of.

  + [set2-column][value-column]
  + [set3-column][value-column]