Calculate age in days at end of each month

Been searching for several days and can’t seem to get this calculation.
I know that in google sheets this returns days between today and end of month


I’m trying to have a conditional format
if something is 50 days old today but will be 75 days or older ——RED
Second criteria if it was purchased from a specific vendor mark YEllow at 60 days instead of 75

For the 1st condition:

	TODAY() - [YourDateColumn] = 50,
	EOMONTH(TODAY(),0) - [YourDateColumn] >= 75

For the 2nd condition:

	TODAY() - [YourDateColumn] = 60,
	[Vendor] = "Some Vendor Name"
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image )

What type is your [AGE] column? Number?? If so, you cannot subtract a number from a date and return a number value

Yes it is a number … so I have to subtract from
(Date in) date I received the item?
Will try thx