Calculate meter reading difference between 2 different row entry

I wanted to calculate the water consumption between todays meeting reading vs yesterday meter reading in a virtual column. How do I do that? I am not sure on the argument to use .

[Today’s reading] / [Yesterday’s reading] gives a math comparison in percentage basically. If the value is greater than 1, then today’s consumption is higher than yesterday’s, if it’s smaller than 1, then today’s consumption is lesser than yesterday’s :hugs:


I am not able to figure out the formula to use as the value comes from 2 different rows for the same column as they are entered in different dates. In excel i or google sheet it will be easy but in appsheet I am, not sure.

Can you elaborate and take a screenshot? We couldn’t be able to understand your issue.

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Sorry, I will try to elaborate further.See attached screenshot. What I was trying to do is calculate the difference between a totaliser reading. In this case, its for water and electrical consumption over 24 hrs. Thus I need to find the difference between values of power meter between 2 different dates. For example on 13 th Aug the reading for power was 81828 and 12 Aug was 81203. Therefore the power consumption between these 2 days was 8128-81203=25.

Assuming that you are trying to read the meter values from 1 day earlier, try with this:

[Water Meter] - ANY(SELECT(TableName[Water Meter],DATE([Date])=DATE([_THISROW].[Date])-1))

Thank you very much for the information and help.

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