Calculating a column value by a fraction

I have an app where I will be selling items by weight. Often times the weight will only be a half pound. I would like to be able to put the weight in one column and a cost in another column and have a third column record the total.
My problem is the weight column doesn’t seem to be able to accept a number less than 1. When I try putting .5 in the minimal value it changes it to a 1.
In the Valid If formula for column Weight I’ve tried [Weight] >= .5
It says
Arithmetic expression ‘([Weight] >= “.5”)’ does not have valid input types
The column type for weight, cost and total are number.
Is there a way to be able to input .5 for it to calculate?

Change column type to a DECIMAL with 1 DECIMAL DIGIT


I should have looked at the column types closer.
That does it, thank you.

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