Calculating the values from 2 tables

Hello, I am trying to make calculation using 2 columns from different tables.
For ex. I have formulas table. In that table there are formulaId, component_name, qty. And another table “prodcution”, where there is formuladId column. and some other not imporant. I have also “total” column there.
What I want is In the table “Formulas” multiply “qty” column by “production. total” value.
How can I combine the 2 tables to count?

How would you know which rows of the two tables to get the column values from for the calculation?

For example. In the production table I have a column formulaid, the same colum is related to formulas table.
I tried to use filter expresion. However don’t know how to manage with arithmetic expresion.


sob., 21 lis 2020, 14:23 użytkownik Steve Coile via AppSheet Creator Community <> napisał: