Calculation Error Glitch

I recently started to experience a calculation error on my app. I have a calculated field that calculates an employee’s Pay Total based on their Hours Worked and their Pay Rate. The formula is simple ([Hours Worked]*[Pay Rate]). I have days where the calculation works and it calculates correctly and days where it does not. Here is an example:
on 2/17/2021
Hours Worked was 7.0
Pay Rate was 60.61
Pay Total was calculated to 363.66
The total should have been 424.27

A few days later (2/22/2021) the same employee entered the same hours at the same rate and it calculated correctly. Has anyone experienced this issue? Is this a glitch or am I missing something. Here are details of the fields that I am using:
Hours Worked: Type = Decimal; Decimal Digits = 2
Pay Rate: Type = Price; Decimal Digits = 2
Pay Total: Type = Price; Decimal Digits = 2