Calculation Formulas in Appsheet or Google Sheets


I am currently building an extension to my project management app to handle estimating. This app will handles numerous calculations of numbers throughout the app.

My question, am I better to put these calculations into appsheet as a formula, or am I better to put these formulas into Google Sheets for everything to be calulated on the back end?

I suppose looking forward, if I were to ever move my Google Sheets to a SQL Database (not sure if this would have any benefit) I may be better off having the calculation formulas in Appsheet itself.


It depends. Generally speaking, the app user’s experience will be better if the app does the computation. That said, a spreadsheet is capable of much more complex calculations. There are situations (on a case-by-case basis) where doing the work in the spreadsheet is better.

True, unless you are or have access to an SQL expert. Still, the app user’s experience is likely to be better if the app itself does the work.

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