Calculation not Working


I have a Quotation App in which I have multiple Tables such as Customer ( Used for user input of customer details) and various other Quote calculation tables for each of product such as Window Blinds,Carpet etc various other products we deal in (Used for input of measurement and product selection and calculation of cost of product)

In customer Table I need to show total per customer based on the product input done across various table so have added a Virtual column "Total Cost"and have added the formula below :

SUM(LIST(0)(Curtain Track[Total cost(Curtain Track)] + (Curtain[Total Amount (Curtain)]) + (Floor Covering[Total cost (floor covering)])))

Where in Curtain Track is the name of the table and Total Cost (curtain Track) is the column which shall have final amount figure for that table and so on with the other products.

Though the formula is not showing any error, the total cost field is remaining as blank and not showing any value, It would be helpful to know where I am going wrong

Try to either remove the “LIST(0)” portion, or add a “+” after if.

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Hi Marc this did resolve the sum problem.

The issue I am facing now is the the values are being carried forward for all the customers like if customer A total is 50/- the total is being carried to all customers so when another customer input is done say customer B and his total is 30/- the 30/- Gets added to customer A as well and shows as 80/-

Any help on how this can be resolved?

Do Curtain and Curtain Track tables each have a Ref type column for Customer?

Yes all the tables which are in formula do have the customer ref.

Then you should have 2 virtual columns in the parent table, [Related Curtains] and [Related Curtain Tracks]. You should sum with these.

SUM( [Related Curtain][Total Cost] + [Related Curtain Tracks][Total Cost] )

I’d advise searching for the Inventory Management Sample App where you can see examples of a proper parent-child setup and the summing across children.

Thank you Marc this did work