Calculations from different entries of same column

I have done formulas to calculate length of time between 2 dates before.
However I am now trying to calculate how much time has passed between the same TIMESTAMP question between the first and last entry of that question, so I am trying to create a column that measures the time from the last row to the first row of the same column, is that possible?
Thanks a lot!!!

Screenshot 2021-01-13 23.04.52

Like this?

(MAX(table[Time Stamp]) - MIN(table[Time Stamp]))

(replacing table with the name of the table)


Thanks @Steve
It worked like a charm. But…

See attachment. At the top you will see my formula. I added the THISROW part because because I want that calculated for each “PROJECT #”.
But it is giving me the same result for both projects, “11:55:21”.
What would you say I am missing on the second part of the expression?
Thank you so much!

I saw that I was missing the last , but still… See attachment:

You are probably looking for…
MAX(Weighted[Time Stamp]) - MIN(SELECT(Weighted[Time Stamp],[Project #]=[_THISROW].[Project #]))


Thanks @Aleksi and @Steve

It works!

Man, appsheet should be one of the biggest companies in the world :wink: