Calendar and email integration with gmail accounts and Gsuite

The ask is.
Can each user have their personal Google Calendar link up to the Calendar view in AppSheet in a simple way.
I am imagining a workflow whereby when a user is added to the system their own gmail account calendar automatically syncs as a data source with a calendar view in the app. Is this already possible ?

Not in a simple way, no. Each calendar must be added as a data source, which requires the app creator modify the app configuration.

Wow , thanks for the lightning quick response. Is there a way to automate this within the application or does it have to be a manual process with the admin going in
for now ?

It’s a manual process.

If you were really (and I mean REALLY) ambitious, there might be a way to integrate arbitrary user calendars with a solution involving the AppSheet API and web hooks, but that’s WAAAAYYY beyond me.

I myself don’t see a way to do what you want, but my perspective here is decidedly limited.

Yes I was thinking about webhooks as a potential work around solution.
It is out of scope for sure on this forum. Is there a technical thread or chat room I can ask questions in, I am a developer with a prototype built out in Google App Script. I am pitching myself and a client on your platform and exploring build paths and integrations.
What has been built so far is great and I am looking forward to the presentations at Google on Air.

AppSheet is a great platform to rapidly prototype apps with little coding. Unfortunately there isn’t much by way of documentation for users coming from prototypes and solutions developed using external tools except perhaps for AppMaker. However, there are some helpful articles in Tips and Tricks about linking AppSheet with GAS that you may find helpful.

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There’s no chat room afaik but you can ask your questions here as several of us have worked with both GAS and AppSheet.

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I have a quick question for you.
It is easy enough to hookup a google calendar as a datasource.
I have played around with this and it seems to integrate fine and sync the two calendars.

What I would like to be able to do is have two or more types of events that I can add to the calendar that have more fields than what is in the calendar object. The different events will have different fields.

This is easy enough to do programmatically on a different platform with a small intermediary table for event type and two keys and then separate tables for each event.

How do I do this with appsheet using just googlesheets to start ? Does one of the sample apps already do this ?

How do I hookup the app so that when user hits add or edit an intermediary event select opens and then gets the correct form ?

If you know the quick solution please pass it along.