Calendar behavior / UX


In our app, we would like to have a way to have this functionality,

  1. once user clicks on a date in the month view in the calendar, it goes directly to the detail page and skips the day view.

  2. to hide the day and week headers in the calendar.

please note: we are developing a mobile application and its a pricing calendar and NOT an events calendar.



Thank you for the quick response :slightly_smiling_face:

could you please confirm if the the above mentioned features are in the development roadmap ?

To my knowledge, they are not in the roadmap.

Attn: @Arthur_Rallu

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Hi @Raghu_Khanna1
What Steve said is correct.
It’s currently not possible to customize the calendar view like that and we don’t have a plan to add these features in the short term. However, one of them in particular makes sense to me: clicking on a date in the month view in the calendar could go directly to the detail page and skip the day view. We do this today because the calendar view was designed for a mobile form factor. It’s very difficult to exactly select one event on a monthly view. That’s why we go to the Day View. Google Calendar on mobile behaves the same way for instance. I agree that on desktop it would make sense to do things differently.

I encourage you to check the 'Feature Requests" section and if there isn’t a similar request, then that you add your own ones.

Thank you

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If we have bunch of “events” on a single day, it is making sense that we are prompte to “day” view from “month” view. however, currently, when we select single target row from Month view, we are prompted to Day view, then again we need to select a row which is kinda of repeation. Now a good UX.
When we have bunch of events on a single day where we see "more + N’ indication on a calendar view, it might be make sense that we are prompted to Day based view to select target row. However, when we have just few events per day, it becomes trouble with us.

To solve the problems, we should have option to “disable” either Day, Week view out of calendar. Taking into account the most possible use cases, we disable day and week, but stay always with month view, where we have per row event, then hit one event, we are NOT prompted to day based view, but see the detail of selected event.
But even after we disable the DAY, WEEK view, but we still have bunch of events for single day which are not displayed MONTH view, then we are prompted to Day view if we click “see more” buttons.

Yes, tricky, but everything is making AppSheet far better than any other tools, even to make it Better than Google Calendar. We dont need to be identical with Google calendar, as we live with Appsheet. Most of the use cases I bear in mind is place calenar in Dashboard view wiht other type of view like Deck , table and detail view with interactive mode ON. Such type of view is not availble native Google calendar, so naturally we are fine with any differences with Appsheet from Google calendar.

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One of the case I feel frastration with calenadar view.

I place two view into dashboard.
One is calendar , other detail view.

As a usual type of interactive dashboard, when we select “event” on calendar view, then the rest of view, i.e detail view is reacting to display view we selected on other view.

However, on this case, selecting event (row) on month based caledar view not filter other view even we are selecting single row. We are prompted to day based view , then select one…


Thats one of the reasons, I claims we app creator could have option to disable day, week view from calendar. Then it could my dashboard related issue with calendar type view as well.

Not a direct topic connecting to this thread, but currently calendar view has bunch of limitations, ie. no flexibilities. One major problem is we are NOT able to set calendar view as inline-view, that s anothe big problem with me personnelly.


please note: we are developing a mobile application and its a pricing calendar and NOT an events calendar (missed to mention in the original post).

Thanks all.
What you mean by pricing calendar is that there will be only one price per day, so there will be only one entry for each day.
It’s in line with the description Koichi gave earlier.

BTW I love this feedback. I can’t respond to all of it, but I read it and collect it.



yes that’s exactly what I mean by pricing calendar (“only one price per day, so there will be only one entry for each day.” ).


I agree
It would be a great thing to open the detail view when clicking a date