Calendar Bug

Hi all, I’ve just opened up my app editor for the day and have noticed a couple of issues.

  1. The entire calendar has turned purple, instead of the previous white background.

  2. This has highlighted white text running on across multiple calendar days - the content of the calendar time slots are not confined to there own space. As you can see from the image. This is very hard to read and users will struggle with this so I’m hoping there is a quick fix.

I know there were some big branding changes a few months back, and these apps were previously created before this happened. Im wondering if that has caused some issue. Its only within our calendar views; but this is an essential part of our process.

This is what our UX > Brand section is saying but its been sitting on that since the changes were made in the editor. It was previously one colour selection (which was purple) .

Is there anything to resolve this, has anyone had similar issues in the past?

Thanks, Sarah

I have not exactly this problem. But from yesterday to today my calendar has changed from light(white) to dark. My Theme is dark so this seems right to me. So i guess they are doing som updates on calendar view, and thats good :slight_smile: I hope you get help with your purple problem :slight_smile:

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@morgan Any thoughts about this? Does this have something to do with the latest update (background color)?

Thanks @Aleksi and @Sarah_Keown. The purple is very strange! I think I know the issue and will push out a fix ASAP.

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