Calendar colors

Is there a way to change the calendar task colors views?
It would be nice to have the chance to customized it as it happened in Charts.


In the Calendar UX there is a Category property where you can assign colors to your data with a Color type column


I see the Category, but I don’t see where I can select the colors

You need to add a COLOR type column to your table referencing that Calendar UX. It can even be a VC where you can set the task colors with an IFS expression and then assign this column to your Category property.

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Ok, but how can I add a specific color for each status value?

For example:

    "Completed", "Green",
    "In-progress", "Orange",

Cool thanks!

You’re welcome Apa.

@LeventK I am getting the color code to show up based on my category when in detail view however that color is not the color of the event in the calendar view. That view is still showing the default colors. As you can see I have applied the color Blue to the Health checkup but it is displaying Red in the Calendar veiw still.

I am have the same issue; changes the font in the detail, but not in the calendar view. It looks like from the 11/2018 blog release, the ability to change the calendar view color was not an option? Maybe I am still missing something? Thanks for the help!

Ref Comment at end of blog entry:
Peter Dykstra
11/5/2018, 11:23:34 AM
Hi Mark - custom formats for your events aren’t available yet, but are in the works!

Reply to Peter Dykstra

I try what @LeventK said and it works in the first calendar adds, but if I enter new ones in a different date time, are not respecting the color formula.

Hey guys! try to create a new table for ‘Status’. Check this out:

You can change the Color for each status as many as you want. You can also define different names for status values. Have fun.

Notes: It’s easier with google calendar. I have set valid Color values manually in ‘Color’ virtual column. don’t use black or white color (not working - don’t know why)

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That’s a good solution.
You can also avoid fiscal columns just adding a virtual column in the calenda table with this formula:

[Status]=“Contratado”, “Green”,
[Status]=“Email”, “Purple”,
[Status]= “Llamar”, “Yellow”,
[Status]= “Reunión”, “Red”,
[Status]=“Sin Interes”, “Black”,


  “Contratado”, “Green”,
  “Email”, “Purple”,
  “Llamar”, “Yellow”,
  “Reunión”, “Red”,
  “Sin Interes”, “Black”,

Could you show an example with the google calendar. I am thinking about using that instead just because I like that it can add the appointments there from within the app. However I didnt know you could change the color, I thought it just showed what was the default color for that google calendar.

Thank you

This does not seem to work. The correct color is shown in the detail view, so the switch statement is working, but this is not the color shown in the calendar. I am using the color column for the category column in the calendar ux.

Has anyone gotten this to work reliably? The sample app from @Bernard_Barbarisi works great. I was able to work with it, change names of various tables (to figure out how the formulas worked), I can make changes to colors, etc. But after trying the same exact strategy in my own app the calendar still displays the wrong colors.

I have the same situation with your @Will_Henry, the correct color selected in form and detailed ux but in the calender ux I got the theme color. Any solution?

Hi there! I´ve just created a version 2 of the app Calendar-183037. I made some changes in the column structure of Status and Color (Virtural column). Also, in the dashboard you can change event status on detail view and check the color changing on calender view.

Demo Calendar 2

Hope this helps you.


Thank you @Bernard_Barbarisi, I notice the differences from the version 1, it works with the correct colors.