Calendar Customization I know appsheet just...

(Greg Huston) #1

Calendar Customization

I know appsheet just released calendar view (GREAT WORK GUYS), but I’m wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to customize it. For example - here’s a sample calendar from Trello - and I’m trying to replace Trello for my client (bring all client’s data into appsheet). Is there any way to turn the tiny colored lines in the Appsheet Calendar into lines that have a bit of text in them at least? Trello is kind of a big deal as far as tools go, so wondering if there’s any way to copy them.


(Reza Raoofi) #2

Nice suggestion! You can request it as a new feature here:

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #3

Adding @Morgan_Dixon_AppShee, our calendar view expert.

(Greg Huston) #4

So I’ve added Chrome’s “Stylish” Plugin to allow me some CSS rules for when I view the appsheet page. So far here’s what I’ve got. It looks like you guys are definitely planning for this, just not there yet as the actual titles are already in the lines, just not visibile yet. The only thing I’ve got left is to make the overflows scrollable… then we’ll have a workable calendar… on the computer running Stylish anyway!

(Alper) #5

@Harry Hi, May Morgan Dixon (or anyone taking care of help pages) take a look into - View Types section also? I could not find a help page regarding to cal. view. Thanks! View Types

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #6

@Alper Yes we still need to add calendar view to the article. Thanks for pointing this out.