Calendar default view

Is there a way to have the calendar default view depending of a function?

In my case I have created a report which is sent daily to the customer. This report included all the actions planned for the day +1.
No problem for the report but I would like to include the Snapshot() of the calendar view. It works also but I have the view of Today not Day+1 because the default view of the calendar called “DAY” is automatically TODAY.
I have tried whith filtering data with a slice to show only the data of Day+1 but the result is the same. The calendar start TODAY.

I’m afraid this is how it works at this moment. @morgan any thoughts?

Hi @Romain, unfortunately we do not support expressions to determine the default view in the calendar at this moment. I’ll add that to the list of desired features and notify the community with any progress.


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Thanks for feed back. I will have a look on this topic in the future.