Calendar events duplicated and more

Hi community,
I think about a feature to schedule some user activities.
One manager has to arrange work time for each employee.
I have a couple of question:
1- Is there a way to set recurring event in order to duplicate it as many times as indicated until ending date, instead of adding manually (similar to google calendar but I don’t like users exit from the app)?

2- Complex but stimulating: I wonder if there’s a way to set one ‘week model’ (so several rows with employee, day, activity, starting/ending hour) from Monday to Friday, then one/more action that allow to duplicate week model with proper package of data and place it somewhere, selecting week of the year for instance.
I imagine dates have to be updated automatically according to the starting_day is chosen.
So for example, 10 users making several activities within a week starting from Monday.
When action is fired, manager chooses which Monday becomes starting_date for the week.
Benefits are having more models to set planning by turning users and activities without adding record manually all the time.
I hope I’m making myself clear
Any idea?

This all sounds very doable. But they will all be things that you will have to create/invent yourself.

I imagine this @Bahbus :slight_smile:
I ask for help from community to figure out if possible and someone created/thought about something similar.