Calendar for every item


I work an App where I have inventory of 65 items. These items can be borrowed by our clients.
This sample app is exactly what I want - Item reservation

I would like to add a calendar for every item detail where I want to see periods in which item is borrowed(start date-end date).

Is it possible to have a multiple calendar views in one app? And do you have any sample app which could help me? I found just apps with one calendar where are all the items.

You may wish to mention

  1. if the reservations are in timeframe near the current month. So if currently April-2021 is in progress , say most active reservations are in months around April, that is March, April , May 2021

  2. Reservations are of short duration. ( 1 week, 2 weeks etc)

If requirements match above, something could be achieved like below, even though the calendar will show the current month by default to start with, and the user can navigate prior and next months. The calendar will not be very intuitive to jump to the month of the equipment if active booking is say in May.

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That actually looks like something I need to create.
I see that you did a new view Dashboard, is that a list of all calendars for specific items? Or how did you manage to filter just Megaphones? I would like to link to calendar from detail view. Best would be to create a btn LINKTOVIEW() which would lead to calendar depending on item ID.

Thank you for your help.
You are awesome!

Hi @Filip_Kuna ,

The implementation involves simply creating a ref calendar view on the Reservation table.

Thereafter please create an interactive dashboard view.
Include A) Equipment Table view B) Equipment Detail View and C) Calendar Ref view created on Reservation tables in the Dashboard view. In the Category setting of the calendar view, include [Equipment Choice] column.

Then it is done. One limitation of calendar view is, the default view is the current month. So moving too ahead or backwards to search for equipment booking dates can be cumbersome. But I guess you may overcome this by creating a slice on only active borrowed dates, which are likely to be in current and future months.

Edit: Wiould appreciate if you post back if it works per your requirement,

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Actually I wanted to add btn to Equipment Detail View which would lead me to calendar of that specific equipment. But I can’t figure this path out. Any ideas if it’s even possible to do?

Your solution might be even better, but I would like to see both in action and then decide.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Are you looking for such an action in detail view in the dashboard view or normal detail view?
if in the dashboard, are you wanting an inline action in the Equipment table view for each row?

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I would like to have it right here, where the button is.

I believe that will not be possible with the calendar view to jump to a month wherein the equipment’s reservation lies. For example if current month is May 2021 and reservation is in July 2021, the action will open with May 2021 as calendar view. The user can then go to July 2021 month in calendar.

However it can be ensured that the action shows a calendar that has only the specific equipment’s reservation. If you navigate from detail view of Laptop to the calendar view, it will only show laptop reservations in the calendar, even though the starting will will be current month in the calendar or the last accessed month.

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I am ok with current month, I just need to get to a right calendar view.
I created action which leads to calendar (LINKTOVIEW(“Calendar”)), unfortunately it takes me to a calendar with all reservations and not to the one I have clicked the action in. Should I use a different formula to get to filtered calendar. For example I click on action in megaphone product detail, so I want to get to calendar view just with megaphone reservations.

Please use LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() and not LINKTOVIEW() something like below

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Calendar”, [Equipment Choice]=[_THISROW].[Name])

Here, [Equipment Choice] is reference column in “Reservation” table referencing “Equipment” table

[Name] is Key and label column in “Euipment” table. The column contains equipment names.


Thank you so much man. Thats exactly what I needed :slight_smile:
Have a wonderful day.