Calendar. Hi everyone, I haev hit a wall wit...

(Tim Watts) #1

Calendar. Hi everyone,

I haev hit a wall with the calendar, I have added the data source, Added a slice,

Created a calender view and there is no data showing. I have also tried adding my own event and it is still blank. Not sure what I am doing any ideas?

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #2

Hi Tim, do you have values for start date, end date, start time and end time?

(Tim Watts) #3

Yeh all in

(Administrator) #4

Also, make sure you format the columns in AppSheet and at the source. If one of them is formulated as “text” or “auto” it might not return the decimal value that’s needed for calculating date or time functions.

(Tim Watts) #5

Looking at one of the example apps you have for calendar it shows seperate fields for Start date, End date, start time, end time. I have linked a google calendar which only has start and end. Both Date/Time fields.

(Danny Smith) #6

@Tim_Watts Did you ever get this sorted?

I’m having the same issue.

I’ve added my google calendar but cannot see any of the events (even those I’ve created within my app)

(Tim Watts) #7

@Danny_Smith Not yet, I’m a bit stuck

(Danny Smith) #8

@Tim_Watts :frowning: If I manage to get to the bottom of mine I’ll keep you in the loop.

(Tim Watts) #9

Not sure I’m following completely sorry, I don’t know how to format the source as its the calendar? The only field in appsheet that is formatted as text is the rowid?