Calendar Integration

Hi all,

Just wondering what’s possible with the google calendar integration?..

Can I create calendars with the app? Can I create events and then sync to the users calendar? Is there a full reference somewhere?

I’m trying to make a habit tracking app that integrates with gcal. I’d like to have a separate calendar for each habit and then be able to count the duration of habits for a specified time period (i.e. exercise.) and then plot it on a chart.

Long term plan is to create an app that will add things to my calendar so that I can schedule in stuff I’d like to get better at (e.g. programming!)

If you try to create new Google calendar with the app, I’m afraid it’s not possible. If you try to send a calendar invitation for the new event, that’s not possible either. When you create an integration with the Google calendar, you can only work with the source calendar you have added to your app.

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