Calendar Labels Not Updating

I’ve had the label box changed for my table for over an hour now but it is still displaying the column that was originally marked as the label, not the new one. The original label was the Key column and I changed it to a virtual field. I’ve had no issues in the past with making virtual fields as labels, I just had yet to do it in the Calendar view. The label issue is happening now, though. It is still displaying the key, but I clearly have it changed over. Can someone help me understand what is happening here please?

Please post a screenshot of the view that displays the wrong label.

Please also post a screenshot of the column list (from Data >> Columns in the app editor) that shows at least the key column, the label column, column displayed as the label, and the column you want displayed as the label.

The setup was done yesterday and those screenshots were taken today. No big deal, but yeah, it still hasn’t changed over.